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What is Xbox Resolver?

Xbox resolver is a constructive online tool that caters to the needs of the Xbox and PlayStation users. The Xbox IP grabber assists players to pull IP addresses of any players from their respective Gamertag.

Using the Xbox resolver, players can easily access the opponent's IP address and location which is the fastest and simplest way of grabbing IP.


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What Is Xbox Gamertag?

The Xbox consoles provide users with the Gamertag, which is nothing but a player's gaming avatar or profile. The players set a cool, unique username along with a short bio interpreting and sharing the player's information with other gamers.

If one knows the Gamertag of their opponent players, then they could effortlessly get the gamer's complete information of his activity feed, gaming history, friends, and achievements.

How Does Xbox Resolver Work?

The working algorithm of the Xbox Resolver is straightforward. The millions of bots are assigned to scrape data every day and store them in the database, which the users access to grab the IP address of other players.

Out of this data, the scarped IP addresses are updated in the database once every 24 hours.

How To Use Xbox Resolver?

Before finding an IP address on Xbox Resolver, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, you need a Gamertag. It is a unique gaming avatar given to every Xbox user. Using this Gamertag, users can find anyone other IP address.

Secondly, the player must remain online, as it will not be possible to track a person's IP address if they are offline. Also, ensure to have a stable internet connection.

How To Find an IP Address from Xbox?

  • Open your browser and navigate to our Xbox resolver website.
  • Read all the guidelines.
  • You will view one input field on the homepage of the Xbox resolver. Tap on it, and enter the Gamertag.
  • When the user enters Gamertag in the input box, click on the Search button.
  • The tool instantly generates the user's IP address, location, and other necessary information. You will also have the option to download or copy the generated IP address.
  • If the user's IP address is not present in the database, you will receive a message on the screen.

Although there are various options to consider, accessing another user's IP address with the help of Xbox Resolver is the easiest one and requires limited technical skills.

Why Should You Use Xbox Resolver?

The following benefits of the updates Xbox Resolver will persuade you to use this application.

  • Through this application, users can easily view your activity stream.
  • It has a simplified process of pulling IP addresses from Gamertag.
  • Keeping users' convenience in mind, Xbox Resolver allows them to hang out with their friends and chat with them via this tool.
  • Users can readily integrate another screen with other apps and games through this tool.
  • Xbox IP grabber has also made the navigation of one guide much easy.

Why Choose Our Xbox Resolver?

Users may be wondering why they should choose our IP puller tool. Here are some of the features that will help you get rid of your dilemma and persuade you to use our website.

  • Always Free : Users can enjoy the benefits of our tool for free.
  • Easy To Use : Unlike other IP resolvers, tracking IP addresses with our resolver is easy and hassle-free. There are multiple guidelines available to assist you in the entire process.
  • Privacy : User convenience is our top priority. Hence, we aim to safeguard users' privacy, avoiding the risk of getting hacked.
  • Support : We have a 24/7 support system to fulfill your needs. Submit your issue or suggestion on our contact page. We will try to respond to it as quickly as we can.
  • Compatibility : It is compatible to operate on PC, Android, Xbox, Playstation, or any other device you prefer.

Why Do You Need Someone's IP Address on Xbox?

There are numerous reasons to track another person's IP address on Xbox. For one, you may want to find out the actual location and identity of the person.

You will have to carry a background check to know whether they are located in the same country they are claiming to be living in.

Use any IP grabber tool, enter the person's IP address, and get his geographical location and other details such as ISP and time zone.

The other reason might be that you simply wish to protect your account from hackers and malware attacks.

Features Of Xbox Resolver

Geo IP Lookup

This functionality allows you to access the time zone and user's location. All this information is obtained from the ISP. With the geolocation feature, players may be certain that the users they are playing with or against using a genuine login and not a fake one.

Best IP Logger Tool

This excellent feature allows users to create custom links and share them with their friends. These custom links are beneficial in finding the IP address, geographical location, and browser information.

The process of creating a new IP logger is very straightforward. All you need to do is enter your nickname, choose logger type and tap on create new.

Xbox And PSN Resolvers

Both Xbox and Playstation gamers can access this resolver. Xbox users need to have Gamertag, and Playstation users need a username to grab the IP address. Resolvers are easy to use, take less time, and contain millions of Gamertag or usernames in their database. The program uses advanced artificial intelligence to scrap this information from the internet.

Store IP Address

The latest feature helps users to stay more organized. It enables them to store and maintain a record of all IP addresses. Just navigate to the storage, enter the IP address you want to store, and add a short note. Premium users have unlimited storage and free members can store up to 25 IPs.

Blacklisting Your IP Address

You can blacklist a username or Gamertag using this functionality. It is a convenient option if you wish to keep your information safe from hackers and avoid any malicious activity.

This feature is not free.

How To Blacklist Your IP From Xresolver?

Use a good VPN to ensure that the IP address is hidden. You may also change your IP address from ISP. You can delete suspicious persons from your list.

Apart from this, you can utilize a sniffer program called Octosniff. Just follow the steps given below:

  • Open your device. Navigate to Xresolver and enter your Gamertag.
  • As soon as you enter your Gamertag, it will provide you with your IP address.
  • Sign in to your Octosniff account using this IP address.
  • Before moving ahead, you will have to purchase 500 points.
  • You will receive a key to your message box. Now, redeem the license and add keys to the points section.
  • Once you have added the key, make sure to claim your points.
  • Navigate to the blacklist option situated in the miscellaneous section.
  • Type your IP address and select the blacklist surname option.
  • In the end, the program will show the confirmation of the banned IP.

How To Boot Using Xbox Resolver?

  • Download and install any freebooter from your preferred browser.
  • To proceed further, enter the IP address you want to boot out.
  • Now, set the time length for which you do not want the user to bother you.
  • Tap on the DDOS tab.
  • You can instantly view if the tool has booted out your entered IP address.

Why Should You Hide Your IP Address While Playing Games Online?

IP addresses reveal your location and entire network to DDoS assaults. Hackers can then use this information to slow down your internet and momentarily knock you out of the game.

Hence to avoid invading your privacy and securing your information, gamers prefer to hide their IP address while playing games online.

How Do Hackers Get Our IP Address While Playing?

IP addresses are public information, so it's legal to get another person's IP address. Hackers can find someone else's IP address in a couple of seconds using tools on a computer.

For instance, OctoSniff is one of the several hacking programs accessible on the internet. It allows the collection of other users' IP addresses while playing and maintains a record of which Gamertag is associated with which IP address.

The information is then stored in databases that allow hackers to target specific gamers.

How To Prevent IP Tracking On Xbox?

It is essential to use the following steps to prevent IP tracking on Xbox:

  • You can use a VPN or proxy server to keep your IP address hidden while playing games. It is a safe and secure method to play new games on Xbox without lag.
  • Make sure not to engage in private sessions with strangers.
  • Do not click on strange links provided in anonymous chats or private messages.


Is Xbox Resolver Legal?

Yes, the use of this application is 100% lawful. However, it is the user's responsibility not to misuse the information. They need to follow all the necessary guidelines and abide by them.

Is Xbox Resolver Safe?

Xbox Resolver is safe and secure to use. Millions of gamers use this tool on an everyday basis.

How To Hide My Xbox IP Address?

You can use a VPN on your Xbox to hide your IP. A secure VPN connection and a hidden IP are the best ways to play online games without any risk.

Can I Get Banned From Xbox For Using The Resolvers?

Xbox does not ban the minimal and legit use of resolvers. It will temporarily suspend or permanently ban Xbox consoles or other devices where some players use the IP addresses of other gamers for their malicious activities.

What Are The System Requirements For The Xbox Resolvers?

There are no such system requirements for using the Xbox Resolver. Our is a web-based tool, so users do not need to download or install it. It operates on any device and browser, whether it's an android, tablet, or PC.

Are There Xbox Resolvers That Can Guarantee a Higher Chance Of Success?

Our website provides numerous features and an easy-to-access interface. It is one of the most reliable websites that can guarantee a higher chance of success.